How to warm up with no warm-up list


So you have no warm-up list

1st thing to do is use your own emails

IE your own Gmail Yahoo Hotmail ext

Ask members of the group if they will help you and share their Emails with you and you can build up warm-up partners

The way our training is presented you will naturally warm-up

On day 1 you will send out 100 emails from the Sendgrid SMTP and 166 from the Mailgun SMTP any openers you receive from these daily campaigns should be added to your Openers List from to which you will send an autoresponder campaign from your shared or Private Smtp depending on which plan you're subscribed to.


As your openers list grows Naturally you will increase the number of emails that go out via your Smtp via the autoresponder campaigns

You Can Participate in the monthly warm ups here => click to see warm-up