Congratulations on your purchase of ClickSendDeliver

Special for MLG members

Your Paypal receipt will show a purchase of $97  from nova supernova that's us

The monthly $35.00  as an MLGS member its discounted to $20.00 billing link will be sent to you within after your set up you must be a MLGs member or we reserve the right to raise the price 


Also, join the Facebook group here  


Please follow the instructions below to get set up fast

1. You will need a domain name a dotcom is best or dotnet no info or club domains please as a combination of the new domain and dot-info or dot-club or dot-media is a red flag. Also, check your domain for blacklist here


It is good practice to have a site on the domain name you wish to use for mailing with an opt-in form. with all the terms and conditions set up here are some templates you can use   and  a domain  to receive email


We are now offering hosting for  sites at $60 per year see


2 Get a Cloudflare account if you do not already have one Add your site to Cloudflare and then scan your domain with Cloudflare once scanned point the dns to Your Cloudflare. If it's a brand new domain name  and you wish to host a site point it to your HOST name servers 1st for 24 hours then POINT it to your cloud flair  after Cloudflare has scanned the site  here is a video showing how to set up cloud flair and point the DNS from Namecheap it is the same for most registrar


3  ad your domain to google  postmaster




4 Get a Mailgun account here  don't worry you will never go over the 5k free emails per month (you may need to confirm with a cc Card) if so please do so

Follow the instructions to add the domain to Mailgun and verify it

Use the domain     here is a video 


5 Get a send grid account   here

Here is a video showing the send grid setup and verify it again use

Please use link branding 


6 You need to register  your account here  and we will approve you when we have received  the email in step  12  

Extra  DNS records to add to Cloudflare  you can do this while waiting for approval at clksd 


7  ad your domain and ips  to  Hetrix  tools  to monitor  your domain and ip in black lists


Skip  this step until you have  your ip sent to you 


8 Add your domain to CLKSD  just follow the instructions at clksd make sure you use the prefix news also add a tracking domain this is usually track.yourdomain then make sure you pass  https  see

9 Add delivery severs 

SMTP And Sendgrid Set Up


SMTP  And Mailgun Set Up

Your  private SMTP  will be created when you have emailed us in step 12 

Lists And Campaigns


Then follow the videos   at


11  If you need help please  add us as a member to cloud flair  see and share it with  please do NOT enable 2-factor authentication

we need admin access not super admin  Only if you need help and can't do it yourself  as we do not have access to your mailgun or sendgrid account we can't help add them records 


12 Please send an email to with 


1 Your name  at

2 Paypal email used for the purchase 

3 The domain name you wish to use

4 cloudflare email  you shared  in step 11( ie  your Cloudflare login email) 

This way we can add your private  smtp  and put you in our billing system  Please allow upto 14 days for  us to add the private SMTP from the date you mail us